Solicitor reprimanded for email calling opponent a ‘plonker’ | News | Law Society Gazette

Solicitor reprimanded for email calling opponent a ‘plonker’ | News | Law Society Gazette

I know, but shall not name, at least two lawyers who might want to take note – plonker is unacceptable when referring to your opposite number, C*** definitely not so, and referring to his clients as Tweedledum and Tweedledee is asking for trouble.

There’s a massive code for the little scraps that I’ve read and heard…  meaning that words like “I am absolutely outraged” or “I vehemently disagree” or “with all possible respect” or “quite honestly…..” are quite clear that the person in front of the keyboard is hopping mad, swearing and thinks that the other is a plonker or worse.  We have code words.  We are professionals.  Never do we refer to clients or opponents as , stupid, ignorant or belligerent.  Instead, they are unsophisticated and challenging, very much salt of the earth and uncomplex. Because we take pride in our facility with words, we do not resort to acronyms for our comments, as doctors do (“NFN” anyone?) or the military (“SNAFU”) or internet acroynms (AFAIK, IIRC, LOL, ROFLMAO) – although it’s fair to say that perhaps we don’t use internet acronyms because we have barely mastered emoticons…

We’re not humans, we’re lawyers.  Clients are humans, we are professionals.  Let’s try not to let the side down.