Word of the Day: Awesome


 [aw-suh m]

1.causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling ofreverence, admiration, or fear: an awesome sight.

2.exhibiting or marked by awe; showing reverence, admiration, or fear.

3.Slang. very impressive:

That new white convertible is totally awesome.
Origin of awesome

1590-1600; awe + -some1

Related forms
awesomely, adverb
awesomeness, noun
Can be confused
awful, awesome, offal.

Urban Dictionary:awesome
A ‘sticking plaster’ word used by Americans to cover over the huge gaps in their vocabulary. It is one the three words which make up most American sentences.

“legal” usage:
On receiving the final set of instructions that had taken some time to come through, the celebratory cry of “Awesome!” after replacing the handset.  On explaining the cheer, being told that it was an awful Americanism.  Countering by citing the Lego movie.  Not mentioning awesome sauce.

Word of the Day: Mellifluous

mellifluous (mɪˈlɪflʊəs Pronunciation for mellifluous or mellifluent



  1. (of sounds or utterances) smooth or honeyed; sweet

Derived Forms

melˈlifluously, melˈlifluently adverb

melˈlifluousness, melˈlifluence noun

Word Origin

C15: from Late Latin mellifluus flowing with honey, from Latin mel honey + fluere to flow


= sweet, soft, smooth, honeyed, soothing, mellow, silvery, dulcet, sweet-sounding, euphonious
On contemplating the skills of advocacy, having watched Silk last night on netflix.  Mr Mellifluous in Silk.  Also discovering link to “miel” and remembering a visit to Meli Park (now called something far less sweet) back in the 80s…

Word of the Day




1. (Units) lasting for ten years
2. (Units) occurring every ten years

3. a tenth anniversary or its celebration


Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

suggested usage:”Should the value of the Trust Fund be close to the Nil Rate Threshold, Mr and Mrs Client should consider whether it is possible to appoint out of the fund (probably not possible) and prepare for recording the amount in the Trust Fund prior to calculating the decennial charge”