Draft Finance Bill 2016: IHT residential nil rate band and downsizing

The new relief is welcome but far too complicated

Source: Draft Finance Bill 2016: IHT residential nil rate band and downsizing


Gosh, I’m glad the main professional body for accountants finds this complicated.  Because, lets be honest, the new legislation is quite mind bogglingly complicated anyway – and the new legislation – it’s *horrible* to read.


Cadastral – Word of the Day


Source: Cadastral – definition of cadastral by The Free Dictionary

Not sure if this counts as jargon – is a word jargon if it is specific – and not used in mainstream speech (unless one is a lawyer or surveyor, land agent or other linked professional).

Seen in the following context

if the correct Portuguese formalities specifically identifying the property in the testamentary or other disposition by its cadastral references  have not been complied with, there will be an issue there.

Jurat |Word of the Day

Jurat definition, Law. a certificate on an affidavit, by the officer, showing by whom, when, and before whom it was sworn to. See more.

Source: Jurat | Define Jurat at Dictionary.com


If one is to be picky about these things, this is the place where the solicitor/administrator of oaths is *supposed* to put their details, not where they indicate that the deponent  is supposed to put their signature.