When William died he left £300,000 but his son never saw a penny: Why you must write a will | Daily Mail Online

When William died he left £300,000 but his son never saw a penny: Why you must write a will | Daily Mail Online.

There’s a lot about this article that really rings true – and I don’t think that about most things that the DM publishes.

The terrible fact is that although most adults have home insurance and service their cars regularly, few have wills.  And really, the cost of a will might be far less than a car service in the short term, let along the longer term.

I still find it hard to understand why people can get married (which costs usually several thousands of pounds even for more modest arrangements) and not spend a few hundred pounds on sorting out their financial futures, now they are legally bound to each other.

With all the costs of a new house or a new baby, I can see why you might not want to spare the budget for doing your will in the short term as well – but thinking about how much I pay in childcare costs for after school club now, a will is less.  And there is absolutely nothing more important in my life than my child, whose future I want to take care of.  As for the new house – well, the smallest fraction of the purchase price could be set aside for a quick brush up of your will.


So – moving house might mean moving jobs, perhaps half way across the country, far away from your previous home and associates – meaning that the likelihood of your will being actually found diminishes, even if you made a will in the first place…  a good reason to update it, and also to register it with a service like Certainty.


Why does it have to be so much harder if a person dies without a will?  When it costs so little (compared to a night out in London, a car service, a new igadget,) to make it straightforward?


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